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Football at its Core


American football, a beloved sport in the United States, combines strategy, athleticism, and teamwork in a thrilling display of competition. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of American football, from its unique rules and positions to the excitement that surrounds this iconic sport.


Most say that the game of football starts with the defense, it is the key part of the game, from making tackles to getting interceptions it can be a thrill to indulge in the sport. The defense’s main objective is to prevent the offense from advancing the ball and scoring points. The defense has a variety of strategies and positions to accomplish this:

Defensive Line: The defensive line consists of players called defensive linemen who line up in front of the offensive line. Their primary goal is to stop the offense from running the ball and put pressure on the quarterback during passing plays.

Linebackers: Linebackers are positioned behind the defensive line and have a versatile role. They are responsible for stopping the run, covering receivers in pass plays, and sometimes rushing the quarterback.

Defensive Backs: The defensive backs, including cornerbacks and safeties, primarily focus on covering receivers and preventing them from catching passes. They also provide support in stopping the run and can intercept passes.

Zone Defense: In zone defense, each defensive player is responsible for a specific area of the field. They aim to defend against passes and prevent receivers from getting open.

Man-to-Man Defense: In man-to-man defense, each defensive player is assigned to cover a specific offensive player. They aim to stick closely to their assigned player and prevent them from catching passes.

Blitz: A blitz is when the defense sends additional players, usually linebackers or defensive backs, to rush the quarterback. The objective is to quickly disrupt the offense’s passing play.

The defense aims to tackle the ball carrier, intercept passes, force fumbles, or stop the offense from gaining the required yards within four downs. If successful, the offense turns the ball over to the defense, and they become the new offensive team.

“Execution is the key part of playing good defense, you must stay disciplined and be vocal,” star freshman Jabarri Lofton, said.


Offense is a strategic and versatile way of playing. It all starts up front with your offensive linemen, who block and make way for our running backs and Quarterback. The objective of the offensive team is to advance the ball down the field and score points by crossing the opponent’s goal line. The offense can do this in a number of ways:

The offense has four attempts, or downs, to advance the ball 10 yards. If they are successful, they receive a new set of downs and continue advancing the ball down the field. If they are not successful, the ball is turned over to the other team. The ultimate goal is to score a touchdown, which is worth six points, or a field goal, which is worth three.

Running the ball: The offense can hand the ball off to a running back who will try to run through the defense and gain yards.

Passing the ball: The offense can throw the ball down the field to a receiver in an attempt to gain yards and potentially score a touchdown.

Quarterback run: The quarterback, who is the leader of the offense, can also run with the ball in an attempt to gain yards.

Special teams: The offense can also score points through special teams, such as kicking a field goal or returning a punt or kickoff for a touchdown.

“Bonding, coming together as a team really” Smith said “we have a brotherhood, even though it might not seem like it every day, but we are family around here” Isaiah Smith a Junior Star at Hazelwood West said.

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