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Stories Behind Tattoos: Staff and Students


Tattoos are a depiction of who people are, and many people have stories behind their tattoos whether or not it may be a funny story or even a joyful/meaningful one. Being able to tell what people like and what kind of person they are is something many look into, are their tattoos. Usually, people tattoo what they like and others only get things that are meaningful to them. It is all preference.

Around West High, there are aspiring artists and many enthusiasts who adore the ideas of getting tattoos. Tattoos are another language too. It helps people communicate through conversation and when people have tattoos that are meaningful and have meaning to themselves, it is a more enjoyable story to share.  


Jessica Gustafson: Art Department 

The majority of people who are found in the tattoo parlor getting their first pieces of ink are teens and young but some people don’t get tattoos until later on in their life when they are wiser and know what they want. One example of that is West’s own, Jessica Gustafson. Gustafson is an aspiring tattoo artist with experience and credibility, She’s been able to do tattoos on family members as well as draw up her own that go on her body.

I’ve been a fan of the art form of tattoos most of my life, but I didn’t get my first one until after I had my first child. It was his baby footprint with some flowers and scrollwork down my side and up my ribs of all places! I wanted my first tattoo to have real meaning for me. Then I started getting more and more of them and realized that I was doing what everyone else who gets inked does: we are using art on our bodies to express who we are without actually having to put ourselves out there. Now that I’m tattooing people, I see the same reasons for people getting their tattoos. They all want something that represents them or something important to them. Even if it is a silly cartoon doing something funny; to that person, it is a representation of their sense of humor which is something they want to share with anyone who sees it. I’ve seen tattoos help people grieve the loss of a loved one. I’ve seen them help people celebrate a major milestone in their life. I’ve seen them help people keep a cherished memory alive. Tattoos have so many different personal meanings, but one very simple thing in common: they all represent who we are and who we want the world to see. I’m so thankful to be able to create that for people,” Gustafson said. 

Mackenzie Day: Journalism Department 

Tattoos can always be chosen just because an individual likes them or even if he has sentimental feelings for them, bodies are their portrait when it comes to getting tattoos. A tattoo advocate at Hazelwood West is Mackenzie Day.  

My tattoos don’t necessarily have their meanings, but having them show off my personality and individuality means a lot to me. My favorite is my flower piece because peonies are my sister’s favorite flower and it’s a nice reminder that she is with me no matter what.” Day said. 



Logan James, 12

People who have tattoos try to signify something important to them or even something as simple as it makes them happy or feel good. Something that’s carried with them as the body is a portrait of anything. Logan James, 12 an avid writer within the Journalism Department at Hazelwood West. 

My first tattoos were stick and pokes, my left arm says AIDS and the other says GIG. I don’t know why the right arm says GIG but the left arm was supposed to be based on Korn’s frontman, Jon Davis. I thought it said AIDS but he said HIV. My forearm is from the Deftones album, “White Pony”. It’s just the horse with a red star above it because the 20-year anniversary version of the album is all red.” James said. 

Skylar Stump, 11

Bodies are meant to be portraits of each own person and the tattoo explains more of her story. Another student who attends Hazelwood West is Skylar Stump who has a tattoo with a quote from a song by Taylor Swift.

“So the tattoo itself, the wording, is a lyric from a Taylor Swift song, But it is a song that meant a lot to me when I was struggling but then there’s a semicolon in the word survived & and semicolon is the significant symbol of suicide awareness and after surviving few a attempts, and a rough history with self-harm, I have been clean for 4 years from it and so the tattoo means a lot to me because even tho other people may not understand it, for me it holds my story and reminds me that If I survived something so horrible I can survive what whatever endeavors occur in my life.” Stump said. 

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