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How Do West Students Learn?

How Do West Students Learn?

Hazelwood West High School is a very diverse school that strives to achieve education, but not everyone at West learns the same way. Some students are able to just hear the instructions and do the work without any questions, while others have to have the teacher do the work physically in front of them for them to achieve learning new things.

Sitting in her Algebra II class, Janiyah Small (12), is building a fish with geometric shapes.

Kinesthetic is a hands-on way of learning. “A kinesthetic learner would rather perform physical activity to learn something, as an active participant, instead of passively listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration” (

Jada Green, 12, “See it to believe it. Tell me, I’m going to forget. Teach me, I might remember. Involve me, that’s how I learn.”

Demetrius Carpenter, 12, “Hands-on. I’m more confident when I’m hands-on—I get things done better.”

Destyni Love, 11,“I guess hands-on because I can’t remember what I’m told. If it’s just spoken to me, I have to physically do it.”


Visual is a way of learning where a person has to just see what is happening and they will be able to understand what is being said. “Visual learning is a type of learning style in which students prefer to use images, graphics, colors and maps to communicate ideas and thoughts. …They must see information in order to learn it” (

Focusing in on the board, Aydenn Sutton (11), is learning how to publish an article in her journalism class.

Quenton Jackson, 11, “I love history, so to learn it I have to visually learn it, because I can’t physically reach out and touch World War II.”

Uniqueca Johnson, 10, “I feel like I’m more of a visual learner because I like to see what type of work I’m going to do before I do it. …watch first before you dive in.”

Albert Holmes, 10, “I like learning visually. I like when teachers teach stuff on the board instead of just handing us a big packet.”



Auditory learning is the way students learn by mainly listening and being able to understand what is being said. “The auditory learning style means a person learns best by listening. Music, video clips and conversations are their ideal way of learning. Auditory learners tend to do well in a traditional school environment listening to lectures, and also

Blissfully listening to audio books, Kaylie McCabe (9) and Etinosa Egharevba (9) pose for a selfie in their 9th block.

contributing to discussions” (

Kaylie McCabe, 9, “Being able to listen to what the teacher is saying, is like listening to an audio book, or podcast. It gives me a better understanding and idea on what is being told by the teacher.”

Etinosa Egharevba, 9, “Audio books help me imagine the words that are on the page in my head.”

Jay’len Johnson, 11, “I like listening to what people have to say, so I keep my ears open when somebody is giving me great advice. I’ll take it in and use it for later.”

Hazelwood West High students expand their minds by learning in all types of different ways even if it doesn’t fit them. Many students at West High are kinesthetic learners. It is very rare to see someone who is an auditory learner, unless you see them listening to music or an audio book.

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