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Where Does West Shop?


Cat-walking through the halls of West High, Wildcats flaunt their unique styles and aesthetics. Looking at these students, one big thought might come to mind: “Where do they shop?” Each of the following students display uniqueness and personality through their clothing choices.


Keith Timms
Where he likes to shop most: Jaded London. “I love how they structure the proportions of each outfit they advertise.”
Timms shops secondhand, he writes, “Even if you don’t find anything you want to purchase in the moment, you can draw inspiration from various pieces you find.”
Where he finds inspiration: Pinterest, SZA. He points out that “Her style doesn’t necessarily align with today’s fashion trends…”.
When faced with criticism of his outfits, Timms says, “It annoys me that people can’t see my vision, but it also lets me know that nobody else is doing the things that I’m doing at the moment.”


Aleyah Greer
Where she likes to shop most: Shein, Amazon, Goodwill, Fashion NovaGreer shops secondhand, highlighting the low prices and adding, “It’s also really fun to see all the things people gave away to see what you can turn it into.” Where she finds inspiration: Pinterest
Greer loves the “comfortable, cute, pink aesthetic…”, saying, “…it’s just so me.”
The message Greer hopes to convey through her style: “I just want everyone to know that it’s okay to be yourself. It’s okay to wear sweats every day and it’s okay to go all out with your outfits even if you’re just going to school.”



Penda Diop,

Where she likes to shop most: H&M, small businesses for abayas, and Vela Scarves for hijabs.
Where she finds inspiration: Diop finds inspiration through hijabi influencers, stating, “The inspiration I get from their outfits allows me to dress modestly while still looking good.”
Diop hopes to convey a clean, classy, and vibrant style through her clothes.



Aiden Childress
Where he likes to shop most: Goodwill bins, St. Vincent DePaul
Childress shops secondhand, he writes, “It’s pretty cheap compared to first hand so I can get much more clothes”.
Where he finds inspiration: 90s and 2000s styles, “I often dress exactly how my dad used to when he was 17.”
The message Childress hopes to convey through his style: “I just want people to know how cool I am.”
He adds, “I should win best dressed for the yearbook”.




Russell Navarro
Where he likes to shop most: Grailed (app), SSENSE
Navarro shops secondhand, noting it’s often cheaper than new clothes.
He is interested in fashion and often takes a bit of inspiration from everything.
When confronted with criticism Navarro, “just says thanks.” He believes “people should look at themselves first before talking about someone else”.
The message Navarro hopes to convey through his style: “outrageously awful vibes”.




Eanyha Nettles
Where she likes to shop most: Fashion Nova, Shein
Nettles shops secondhand, she notes that it’s cheaper and adds, “sometimes you can find more stylish clothes secondhand than from a designer brand.”
She finds inspiration in comfortability, saying, “I like to be comfortable and that’ll make me feel and look good, whereas if I’m not it messes up everything for the outfit and how I style myself.”
When experiencing criticism, Nettles has a positive outlook, saying, “I think about [it] and if it’s something I agree with I may change it with my next outfit, but if not I just say ‘thanks for your thoughts’.”
She hopes to show that you can put on anything and make it look nice with the right styling.



Braiden Boschen
Where he likes to shop most: Goodwill, Found by the Pound, The Salvation Army, Antique Stores
Boschen shops secondhand, writing: “I think you find the best stuff shopping at secondhand stores because you never know what you could end up finding.”
Where he finds inspiration: Friends, Unique items
When experiencing criticism of his outfits, Boschen doesn’t respond, saying, “I put my outfits on for myself and not for anybody else.”
What message Boschen hopes to convey through his style: relaxed, comfortable.
He adds: “Me and Kaden have the best outfits.”



Boston Hammond
Where he likes to shop most: Grailed (app), thrift stores, local shops
Hammond shops secondhand, he writes that thrifting is, “sustainable and cheap”, adding, “I can’t spend my entire part-time job check on one piece of clothing all the time.”
Where he finds inspiration: Young Thug. “…not in the sense that I replicate his style but in the sense that I saw him wear highly criticized outfits in a [much] rougher environment than I’m in, so why should I care what people say about me when he doesn’t care.”
Hammond also hopes for people to stop trend riding. He says, “Don’t let random people on the internet decide what you wear. You are allowed to be yourself.”





Emily Vaughn
Where she likes to shop most: H&M, Target, browsing different stores/online.
Vaughn shops secondhand, she writes that she can find a lot of unique pieces that are simple and easy to style.
Where she finds inspiration: A TikToker named Hannah Harrell. Vaughn states, “I really admire her style because she takes a lot of basic pieces and is able to style them really well… Whether it’s rhinestones, glitter or pearls I just love it all because no matter what she’s wearing she always finds a way to incorporate those materials.”
Vaughn makes note that she is, “a big shoe person”, saying, “I love sneakers especially.” She really shines in her concert outfits where she “really likes to let loose.” Vaughn describes her style as comfortable but also streetwear-esque.




Aviaun Wells-Parks
Where he likes to shop most: Thrift shops, especially Found by the Pound
Wells-Parks shops secondhand, he mentions, “I can usually find a piece [of] clothing I would’ve spent 50+ dollars on there for only 2, plus every time I go thrift shopping my range of outfits expands way faster than what it would from traditional shopping.”
Where he finds inspiration: Jervaris Hendrix, Tiktok influencer Klo, and M3hkii
Wells-Parks says that he attempts to look and feel confident while also being well put together.





Sara Pelot
Where she likes to shop most: Thrift stores
Pelot shops secondhand, she writes, “Thrifting is a great opportunity to find really unique clothing. Also it’s cheap.”
Where she finds inspiration: Pinterest
What message Pelot hopes to express through her style: Calm




Jayla Allen
Where she likes to shop most: Ross, Uptown Cheapskate
Allen shops secondhand, she mentions that she was born into thrifting and, “…it’s usually less expensive, fun, and I can find a variety of different clothes to wear.”
Where she finds inspiration: Her mom. “My mom has helped me develop my style by encouraging me to experiment with clothes I wouldn’t normally wear.”
The message Allen hopes to convey through her style: she gives meaningful insight: “Through my style, I try to convey that you should dress in a way that makes you feel confident and in a way that inspires others to be their own authentic, creative selves.” Allen even handmade the top presented in her photo.



Jannah Banks
Where she likes to shop most: Fashion Nova
Banks shops secondhand, she points out that: “You can cultivate beautiful outfits with reused pieces for a cheaper price. Why not?”
Where she finds inspiration: Her older sister. “She’s always well put together with new & old fashion trends and pieces that feel the best worn on her.”
The message Allen hopes to convey through her style: “Authenticity/creative expression”.





Dakota Edger
Where she likes to shop most: Amazon, Shein, Goodwill
Edger shops secondhand, stating that stores tend to “have lower prices for secondhand clothes”.
Where she finds inspiration: Pinterest, Jojifuku, gyaru, y2k, grunge
When confronted with criticism, she is confident, writing: “I usually just say ‘well I like it’ if they say they don’t like it, or if they say it’s weird.”
Edger has these wise words to spread with others: “…I hope that people seeing [ ] how I dress can inspire others to not be afraid of how they wanna dress. Fashion is so fun! Why let boring people stop you from it?”






Etinosa Egharevba
Where she likes to shop most: Hollister, Ross
Where she finds inspiration: Her sister. “I copy her style, but it’s more toned down. She’s my inspiration because she is the only person I know that actually cares about the way she dresses.”
Egharevba describes criticism she has received saying it’s “usually from older people, because I sometimes wear shorter shorts [and shirts] that show my stomach (crop tops)”.
The message Egharevba hopes to convey through her style: “I hope I send the message that I care about the way I present myself, and do so in a respectful manner.”

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