The 5 Love Languages

What they are and why you should know yours
The 5 Love Languages

Knowing your love language and the different types have a lot of benefits in platonic and romantic relationship-building skills. The five love languages are words of affirmation, physical touch, gift-giving, quality time and acts of service. 

What Is A Love Language?

Love Languages are the different ways people express and receive love. This can range from just spending time with one another in silence for hours to all the “I Love You’s” said to them in a day. Love languages are just a way to show your partner how you care for them. 

Words Of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation is about expressing love through words and phrases. When showing words of affirmation you are showing your affection for the person with words. Simple phrases such as “I’m here for you” and “I love you”. This could be shown by writing notes, words of encouragement, and pointing out what they do well. When this is someone’s prime love language you can show affection just by giving a  flattering remark, this could make this person’s day the world’s time better. 

Physical Touch

Physical touch is showing affection through physical contact with your partner. For a person whose primary love language is physical touch, an ideal date could just be cuddling and watching a movie or at the end of a long day taking a nap together. They would just enjoy being near each other. You could show this by holding hands, cuddling and touching their hair. 

Gift Giving

Gift giving is to show how you care by giving personal and well-thought-out gifts. Those whose primary love language is gift-giving value the thought behind the gift often more than the gift itself. It’s typically never about price but the love and effort given into the gift. When you take time to think about what your partner would like it shows how well you pay attention to detail. People who have this love language often remember every gift and cherish it for a long time.  

Quality Time

Quality time is about genuinely spending time with one another. People with this love language enjoy the small moments of just being together. You could sit and talk for hours and this would make them happy. Studies show that “People with this love language are looking for quality over quantity” (Verywell Mind) Ways to express this is to actively listen and give your undivided attention to the conversation.

Acts Of Service

Acts of service are doing small kind things for your partner that make them feel appreciated. This could be putting away cleaning the house or cooking their favorite meal for them after a long day. People whose primary love language is acts of service will notice the small kind gestures and will do something similar in return. 

How Does Knowing Your Love Language Build Relationships?

Knowing your love language can be the simplest way to improve relationships. Since we all show how we love and care differently it’s beneficial to understand your own just as much as your partners. When you know your love language you can better identify how you want to be loved for future and current relationships. It can better your intentions within relationships to show how you care and want to be cared for. Knowing can also open the door for new conversations to learn about your partner on a deeper level. 

How To Identify Your Love Language

To identify your love language you can answer a list of a few simple questions that can lead you in the right direction. 

In a relationship when do you feel most loved?

  • When holding hands 
  • When you are praised for something you did recently 
  • When they handle a chore for you like pumping your gas 
  • Plan a date for just the two of you 
  • When you get a gift basket with things that remind you of when you first met

These questions might not tell you right away but being able to access over time can make a world of difference. A recommended quiz will help with a better understanding of your personal Love Language.  

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